Postal Gold introduced and dominated the gold buying market in the UK. We helped them do this with an aggressive DRTV strategy. By identifying key target groups and then flooding the best converting channels with high frequencies of their advert, the brand became synonymous with the sector in the same way sellotape is used to describe sticky tape.

The success as a result of multi-million pound investment led to expansion into oversees market, particularly in Western Europe. We assisted this expansion, again with the use of carefully selected TV stations and precise response attribution.


They said...

"Chase Media are doing a great job as our agency. We started working with them when we were still testing DRTV and had a very small budget. CMS’ made our super fast growth possible and they are a very competent partner for booking our much larger DRTV budget. I can fully recommend CMS for both, small companies that would just like to test DRTV and larger companies that are looking for a professional agency."

Martin Randolph

"We have been working with Chase Media since the launch of our business in 2009. They helped us build a very successful DRTV strategy making it possible for rapid growth.

We later appointed Chase Media as our media agency for other European countries as we found they deliver the best deals. It’s the flexibility, speed and the vast knowledge of the media landscape we greatly appreciate and it is always a pleasure to work with Chase Media."

Jonas Babics
Marketing Director