Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's A Good DRTV Response Rate?

    This is such a difficult one to answer because every brand and every campaign is different. However, we understand that a rough guide is useful, so here’s a (very) rough guide for various sectors:

    % of TV impacts (000’s) resulting in a response/visit

    • Complex Financial Services – 0.1%
    • Direct Sell Beauty Products – 0.13%
    • Gaming Brands – 0.16%
    • Specialist Subscription Services – 0.3%
    • Insurance Products – 0.35%
    • Consumer Action – 0.7%
    • Incentivised Green Schemes – 0.85%
    • Sampling Campaigns – 2.5%

    We have experience of a vast number of sectors, so please Contact us for a tailored proposal, including response modelling.


  • How Much Does TV Cost?

    You can see our detailed reply to this at this link, but here’s a quick summary:

    A few random examples of what a 30″ spot might cost…

    • For a full ITV network spot in Coronation Street you’d be paying roughly £40k
    • Spots on small, specialist stations it could be as low as £5 (or even free!)
    • A spot on DAVE in daytime £100
    • A spot on DAVE in peak £300
    • A spot on Channel 5 in daytime £300
    • A spot on Channel 5 in peak £2,500

    Many clients who are new to TV can test the medium with as little as £15k. This would depend on their current level of traffic/sales. We can suggest a test budget for every set of requirements and we’ll even model what you might expect to get, in terms of response.

    For a no-obligation tailored quote, please get in touch

  • How Much Does a TV Ad Cost to Produce?

    Modern production techniques allow high quality HD TV commercials to be produced at a fraction of the cost of similar creatives 10 years ago. Equipment that used to fill a room can now be replaced by a laptop.

    Of course there are always ways to spend more. The sky will always be the limit. But, the important thing to bear in mind is that creative production needn’t be a barrier to entry as it was in years gone by.

    Here’s a very rough run down of what the costs might be for various popular approaches:

    • From £5k A simple 2D animation or graphics-based ad.
    • From £10k More complex bespoke animation with graphics.
    • From £15k A studio shoot with actors.
    • From £30k Shoot on location** with actors.
    • From £50k More complicated shoot involving several actors/extras.

    The process takes 6 – 8 weeks from the time a concept is approved to having a finished commercial cleared for UK broadcast.

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  • What is SKY AdSmart?

    This is SKY’s tool which allows us to target SKY households based on various attributes, such as region, socio-economics, household income etc. We can even align SKY households with Mosaic profiles.

    This means that, when watching the same TV show as your neighbour (on a SKY station), you could be shown a different ad in the break based on your specific attributes. There are pros and cons to this technology:


    • Industry leading targeting
    • Ability to limit frequency, as with online display
    • Online media-style reporting


    • Very expensive (far more expensive than buying ITV and accepting wastage) The CpTs start at c. £25 and escalate quickly according to how many attributes you add.
    • Only household level targeting, so could be watched by ‘wrong’ person in the household
    • No TV schedule provided, so more difficult to track performance
    • Limited reach due to the tech currently only being available on SKY stations

    This is really only justifiable when it makes financial sense to pay a very high CpT in order to target a VERY niche audience. By niche I mean within a very precise geographic area, have special interests etc. Even then, it’s debatable. Many AdSmart brands are things like regional furniture showrooms, large but regional chains of estate agents or regional visitor attractions, like Alton Towers etc.

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