What is BRTV?

Brand Response - The Best of Both Worlds?


BRTV: The Grey Area

Brand Response TV, or BRTV, is the next logical step when scaling DRTV brands. We understand that businesses can’t always accommodate the step-change between DRTV and branding TV campaigns. In these situations, we help clients through the interim step of BRTV.

BRTV might include extending dayparts to include early peak airtime, adding targeted relevant peak or even extending relevant brand association via sponsorship of targeted content. There are so many ways to take next steps before needing to buy ‘full fat’ TV campaigns.

BRTV moves DRTV towards branding campaigns. Increased reach and increased impact but with slightly longer-term goals. Response is less immediate, but overall volume is scaled up.

Brand Response TV

Our understanding of

helps our clients save over £1m a year


DRTV vs. BRTV vs. Branding Campaigns

A branding campaign is not better than a BRTV campaign. A BRTV campaign is not better than a DRTV campaign. Each approach is designed to do a different job. At Chase Media we can help advertisers who are new to TV decide which approach is best for them.



  • Very Sales driven
  • Deliberately repetitive
  • Usually daytime TV heavy
  • Strong CTA ‘call to action’
  • Branding still important, but less of an emphasis
  • High frequency, low coverage
  • Immediate / short term goals


  • Both daytime and relevant, targeted peak
  • Includes call to action, but not too overt
  • Retains and promotes brand values
  • Frequency and tactical targeted cover


  • Concerned mainly with mass awareness, mass coverage
  • Sometimes brand values at the expense of an obvious call to action
  • Long term, not short term goals
  • Less obvious, more subconsious effects