Jane Plan

Leading diet delivery brand


The Brand

Jane Plan is a diet plan delivered to your door. Each box contains 3 meals a day plus snacks for 4 weeks. Each meal is calorie controlled, so just eat Jane Plan food to lose weight and feel great!


TV airtime planning and buying

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Paid Search & Social

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Radio planning and buying

Growth strategy

from start-up to

...with over 16 million meals sold

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The challenge

Despite having a market-leading product, Jane Plan wasn't reaching the larger sales volumes that it needed in order to hit growth targets and benefit from economies of scale.


The Solution

Following a modest DRTV test, we were able to expand the campaign and use the resulting data to build a reliable response model. Based on correlation analysis, we extracted an equation that could then be used to accurately predict response to within a 5% tolerance. Using this, The brand has enjoyed rapid growth for the 8 years that we've been working with them. During this time we've successful expanded their approach to include print, radio, paid search and paid social, without increasing their CpA.

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The results

From a relative start-up, JanePlan.com has grown as a direct result of its TV activity to the market leader. They have now sold over 16 million meals and have tens of thousands of happy clients. Despite this speed of growth, we're still able to drive customer acquisition within a strict CpA target via TV advertising.

“Chase Media have helped us grow exponentially. Their knowledge of the relationship between our TV advertising, traffic and ultimately sales, has been the key to this. Integrating TV and paid search within one agency has paid dividends and we are delighted with the results!"


Jane Michell

Founder of Jane Plan

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