How Much Does TV Cost?


TV Costs less than you might think, and you only pay for what you get.

In simple terms, the cost of a TV spot is a combination of factors:

  • The agreed cost per 1,000 views (CpT)
  • The number of views (impacts)
  • The time length

Using this method of trading we only pay for what we get, which is great news for our clients.

A few random examples of what a 30″ spot might cost…

  • For a full ITV network spot in Coronation Street you’d be paying roughly £40k
  • Spots on small, specialist stations it could be as low as £5 (or even free!)
  • A spot on DAVE in daytime £100
  • A spot on DAVE in peak £300
  • A spot on Channel 5 in daytime £300
  • A spot on Channel 5 in peak £2,500

Other complications include:

  • Regional pricing (London, for example, costs more to target than other regions)
  • Trading audiences (some programming can only be traded against certain demographics, for example M1634 for live football, which would be a much higher rate than the adult CpTs we’d need to pay for daytime TV)
  • Certain placements within ad breaks.
  • One off event programming, for example X-Factor finals, could carry a premium.
  • Date of approval – sometimes late bookings can carry a late booking penalty.


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