Direct Response TV

What is DRTV?

DRTV is an industry within and industry


In a nutshell

Direct Response TV, or DRTV as it’s known, is a way of utilising TV advertising to generate response, leads, traffic and sales. DRTV requires a different approach to both the media planning and the TV creative to normal TV advertising.

From a media planning point of view we’re more concerned with reaching the right people many times for the lowest possible price – frequency is key. This is in contrast to a branding or launch campaign, which is more focused on reaching a large percentage of a given audience as quickly as possible – reach over frequency


A different way to trade TV

DRTV media buying is about maximising the opportunity offered by cheap daytime pricing. By trading daytime TV against cheap ‘all adult’ prices, but only on relelvant channels, we get the best of both worlds – the lowest possible price, but also with enough targeting to minimise wastage. All TV buying is about finding a balance between targeting and price.

Media buying


Modern DRTV

DRTV isn’t about cheesy sales messages. Modern DRTV is a more subtle, nuanced way of utilising TV. With a cutting edge response tool at every TV viewer’s finger tips (smartphones), we don’t need to spoon-feed our audiences – messaging is more sophisticated, more in line with a client’s brand. We demonstrate the problem and the solution – TV viewers do the rest. We get your customers to search for your brand, not just your product.