All You Need To Know About CFlight


Introducing CFlight, the industry’s first unified advertising metric.

The unlimited choice and unlimited access now available to TV viewer through linear TV and Broadcaster VOD has brought with it huge opportunity and flexibility for TV advertisers. However, this era of advanced TV also creates some considerable challenges for media buyers, it’s never been harder to measure the overall advertising exposure for TV campaigns.

In response to these challenges, CFlight was born; created in the US by NBCU and brought to the UK through a joint initiative between Sky Media, ITV Media and 4Sales, CFlight aims to deliver advertisers a comprehensive sense of how their marketing campaigns are being seen, regardless of how or when. It captures live, on-demand and time shifted impressions across all viewing platforms, allowing advertisers to measure reach and frequency across both linear TV and BVOD for the first time.


The CFlight post campaign evaluation tool will be available to agencies from Autumn 2021.

Initially, linear TV advertising impacts and BVOD impressions will be combined at a broad audience level only (Adults) with more flexibility to follow in 2022 and beyond.

CFlight aims to enable brands to hold digital to the same high standards as TV through comprehensive exposure measurement across a wide range of devices, platforms and apps. An exciting step in the right direction towards measurable justification of advertiser investment in a world of new ways to use TV.

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