What is DRTV?

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Direct response television, or DRTV, is a particular way of using TV with the intention of generating responses/leads/sales. In years gone by you could spot a DRTV ad by it's shouty sales messaging, normally accompanied by an 0800 number and the invitation to "CALL NOW!"

Over the years URLs were added to DRTV ads. We thought at the time that it might be worth a 5% uplift among 'early adopters' of this new thing called the internet. Then, slowly but surely, URLs become more prominent as response behaviour changed from mainly phone to mainly online. Nowadays, depending on the sector, it's debatable whether or not phone numbers should be added at all!

Thankfully, DRTV is now more nuanced, with subtle but still hard-working creative executions. Because people tend to watch TV with their phones, viewers can respond immediately on a device that enables them to buy/sign up/engage.

Because of this shift in the way people tend to respond there has also been a data revolution in the industry. We can now analyse, measure and predict response like never before. At Chase Media we have been optimising TV performance since 2005, and many of our team hail from strong DR backgrounds going back much further (no names mentioned!).


The Power of being a TV brand...

The media landscape has never been more fragmented. In recent years so much digital content has entered our media day, some with questionable value to advertisers. TV remains the most trusted media source and hence TV brands are trusted brands. The result of this is that when our clients use TV they experience an uplift not just in immediate response, but also a significant increase in quality of response. Trusted brands convert better.

Direct Response is now more DIRECT.

The advent of 'dual screening' is a dream for us DRTV experts. In years gone by online response was time-shifted because potential customers had to fire up a laptop or crank up the dial-up broadband! These days response is instantaneous, with c. 80% of response occurring within 5 minutes of the TV spot airing. This has huge implications for response rates, conversion rates, and campaign optimisation. The better smartphones get, the more powerful DRTV becomes.

TV's halo effect

As mentioned above, TV brands are trusted brands and trusted brands sell more. So, when your brand is on TV, all of your other marketing activity works harder too (by up to 12%, according to the latest research). Additionally, cost of acquisition via paid search can be vastly reduced - Advertisers can take back control by driving brand search, rather than competing in AdWords for expensive sector search.