Who we work with & what they think of us.



“…Integrating TV and paid search within one agency has paid dividends”

"With strong analysis and media buying diligence, Chase Media have delivered considerable growth whilst keeping to our CpA" 

“They have been very focused on measurement so we could understand exactly how effective our advertising was.”

“The output was phenomenal; it was exactly what we were after. It was edgy, it was cool, and it was relevant. It got us much more engagement with our audience.”

“…They understand our business and this has been a key to the success of our first campaign”

“…I was impressed by the team’s professionalism and how they made the complex simple to understand”

“It’s the flexibility, speed and the vast knowledge of the media landscape we greatly appreciate.”

“..our success is testimony to their hard work over the past two years.”

"We set a tricky brief - to raise awareness, but also acquire signups within our CpA. The team [at Chase Media] managed it!"


“…We have worked very closely with Chase Media to develop a reliable response model, helping us to grow our business significantly in a short period of time..."

“I chose Chase Media because I wanted to ensure I got a dedicated, personalised service…”

“Their attention to detail and fast turnaround is vital for the dynamic travel industry…”

“…working with them has helped lay great foundations for the future growth of Stylistpick”


“Crucially, they have managed to increase our campaign size while spending efficiently!”