toucanBOX is a flexible subscription service delivering creative craft boxes to children aged 3-8. As a very analytical company, they had a strict cost-per-acquisition target that needed to be adhered to whilst we built scale via TV advertising.

By working with their analytics team to segment their demographic, we were able to cut wastage and utilise only the most relevant channels at key times of the day. This maximised efficiency and enabled us not only to add a significant volume of new signs ups, but also to meet their CpA whilst doing so.

Over time toucanBOX have increased their use of TV, tactically buying in key periods in the school calendar. DRTV has become an established part of their marketing mix. 

They said...

“With strong analysis and media buying diligence, Chase Media have delivered considerable growth whilst keeping to our CpA."

Jenni McNally
Head of Marketing, toucanBOX