JanePlan.com came to us as an emerging diet delivery brand, looking to advertise on television for the first time. While they wanted to create an effective campaign in terms of generating orders, Jane Plan also needed to be correctly positioned as a quality, premium brand, and become established as a leader in sector.

We began by using our in-depth, in-house analysis tools, to understand the target market and their attitudes and behaviours. We developed a media plan around this research – focussing at first on reaching a small, targeted market, and increasing the reach to a broader market as the campaign gathered momentum.

As the Jane Plan grew, we worked to improve the site for use on mobiles and tablets in order to react to the shifting patterns of web browsing, and to enhance the direct response aspect.

We also optimised the google paid search – by refocussing the paid search towards driving sales, rather than simply encouraging clicks to the site, we minimised the wasted clicks and maximised sales and profits.

Using our analysis tools, we could study the correlation between the campaign and site visits, and monitor which aspects were the most successful. We could then use this analysis to improve performance going forward, and do so in a manageable way – utilising TV more and more as confidence grew.


They said...

“Chase Media have helped us grow exponentially over the last 2 years. Their knowledge of the relationship between our TV advertising, traffic and ultimately sales, has been the key to this. Integrating TV and paid search within one agency has paid dividends and we are delighted with the results!”

Jane Michell, Founder