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What is a TV Station?

....TV stations are also curators of content. The video recorder and various PVR devices have been around for decades, but they have not hugely altered the way we view TV because we still prefer (on the whole) to have TV scheduled, planned, vetted and delivered to us as we're used to. Perhaps this is about to change?...


Cost per What?

There are so many different ways to trade media. Cost per thousand, (CpM, or CpT if you’re buying TV in the UK), is the most common. It’s the way most media owners would like to trade their inventory, But...


Why Use TV in 2018?

.....there’s a stable supply of inventory (TV impacts) and slightly diminishing demand, resulting in some amazing pricing. Remember; with TV we only pay for what we get, so (depending on what you’re trying to achieve) reduced reach via TV is not necessarily a problem. For DRTV advertisers this represents a significant opportunity....